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ZenWorld™ Weighted Heating Pad

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ZenWorld™ Heating Pad combines soothing pressure and comforting heat to provide an immediate relief from pain, aches, soreness and fatigue. 

And the effects of ZenWorld™ Heating Pad go beyond the immediate, physical benefits. They provide increased and lasting energy levels, and an overall sense of balance in your daily life. The ZenWorld™ Heating Pad is a complete massage therapy treatment, provided by a world renowned product.


Our Customer Favorite Features 

☑️ 30-Seconds & Ready To Use
Smart technology heats the pad up to a ready-to-use temperature in just 30 seconds. Providing you an effective and immediate relief. Always ready-to-use, right when you want it.

☑️ Efficient & Energy-saving
Many traditional heating pads do just that... heat. They have a set temperature, which might be too low or too high for you. With ZenWorld™ Heating Pad, you can adjust it right how you want it to be.

☑️ Convenient Timing & Monitoring
You can choose the length of the heating depending on your unique needs and desires. And the in-built control panel indicates the actual timing and temperature of your pad.

☑️ Over A Dozen Of Health Benefits
The therapy pad can eliminate fatigue, relax sore muscles, accelerate blood circulation, activate tissue cells, promote healthy metabolism and improve your immunity. And that’s not even the end of the list!

☑️ High Quality Velvet Fabric
The skin-friendly fabric offers a comfortable feeling and ensures, absolutely, no irritation to the body while heating. This washable pad is safe and easy to clean after the usage.

☑️ Comfortable Use On All Body Parts
Sore legs after a run? Stiff neck after a day in office? Fatigued back after a day of gardening? ZenWorld™ Heating Pad can be used on all body parts and provides an immediate relief on every use.

What Can ZenWorld™ Heating Pad Help You With?

  • Calm Muscle Soreness, Aches & Fatigue.
  • Loosen Stiff Joints & Treat Joint Pain
  • Soothe Muscle & Menstrual Cramps
  • Relieve Stiffness In Your Neck
  • Relieve Pain In Your Wrists
  • Promote Healthy Metabolism
  • Strengthen Immune System

And the list goes on and on...

Gift if for your family, friends or get it for your own use.
ZenWorld™ pad got your and all your closest one pains & aches relieved.